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Welcome to the Get Wrecked Wiki. Here you will find information about your heroes, about the game, and more.


The Primordial Ones

The birth of a world, it’s no easy task to pull off. Only the most powerful entities of all creation are capable of pulling off such a feat; The Primordial Ones. The Primordial Ones are a group of etheric beings that occupy the high realms, the highest levels of existence.

The Primordials - bored with the existence of the higher realms - sought to manifest something never before conceived of... A physical realm, one in which you could interact with the world around you. They had been bodiless, limitless, infinite and eternal for eons. The time had come for something new, something stimulating and exciting! The Dawn of Erra The Primordial Ones pulled their collective energies together, harnessing their inner-most powers to channel the universal energy of Tachyon into their very beings. The Tachyon’s power grew a thousand times each blink of the eye and soon enough a powerful light started emerging within the vast darkness of The Void - the timeless space and spaceless time that was the Lower Realms.

Sparks and flares of blue light flashed through The Void! Crack, bang, boom! CRACK, BANG, BOOM! Noises could be heard! Light could be seen! Vibrations could be felt! The physical realms were blossoming into existence, piece by piece and atom by atom, the Primordials felt their energy flow into the Lower Realms, their Tachyon filling the space that was the darkness. Suddenly, a shining and flickering ball of energy appeared, growing larger and larger with each passing moment. A loud and ominous noise could be heard throughout The Void, a deep rumbling that filled the realm! The sphere was moving, morphing, dancing! Beams of light shone from the center of it outward, the surface began to harden and crystallize, and in what seemed like a matter of seconds, a whole world - a whole realm - was birthed… The Dawn of Erra.

The First Age

The First Age directly follows The Dawn of Erra and it is the learning and growth period for the Primordials and the development of the Primordial Council of Three in the Lower Realms, leading to the birth of several species on the planet of Erra. It lasts for approximately 400 years.

The Prime Creations

Immediately following The Dawn of Erra the Primordial Ones planted their newly formed bodies firmly into the ground. They took their first breaths, opened their eyes for the first time, experienced their first smells, first sensations of touch… The thick green blades of grass between their toes, the cool breeze against their skin. A whole new world, a whole new way of experiencing life… It was their playground.

The Primordials - while infinite in the high realms - were limited to a group of just 3 beings incarnate on the planet of Erra - The Council of Three. As time went on, these beings learned the ways of the physical realm they had created. But as more and more time passed, they soon realized the effect that “time” has on a being… Traveling the world and experiencing all these sensations was fulfilling, but they needed something more… They once again grew bored with the reality they had created. What now? What next?

The beings gathered at The Creation Point - the place where they first stepped foot on the planet. They discussed their next move… Should we destroy all this? What’s the purpose? It’s barren and empty, why did we create it in the first place? For what seemed like eons, the beings argued and debated about what to do… Until one of them suggested…

“What if we create others? Others, like us?”

Silence. In what seemed like an eternal moment, silence could not have been louder. With a glance towards one another, they nodded and gave their approval of this suggestion. And so the Primordials gathered their energy, channeled their Tachyon from the Higher Realms, and with flashes of light and bursts of energy, the first inhabitants of Erra were created. The Humans.

Humans were mirror images of the Primordials. Tall, strong, powerful and strong-willed. Capable of anything they set their intentions towards. They quickly learned how to hunt, how to fight, how to coexist with one another. It was not long before the Humans became quite capable of standing up to the Primordials, even matching them in abilities. This daunted the Primordials, making them question their choice to create other beings. A decision was made amongst the Council of Three, they had to divide the power of Humans, or destroy them entirely. A vote was set in place, and the decision was made to split the Human species into other groups of humanoid species, dividing the power between them all equally. All across the land new species and beings were created and placed! Humans, Giants, Halflings, beings of all different shapes and sizes! These beings, born and created on the planet, are known as Errans.

The Lesser Creations

In an effort to prevent the Humans and other species from becoming bored and unimpressed just as the Primordials once did, the Council of Three chose to create the Lesser Beings. These beings were of different species, form, and intelligence entirely. These new creatures and critters consisted of many, many different beings. From wolves and boars to fairies and implings, the planet was thriving with new forms of life! The world was abundant with adventure, places to explore, species to discover. The vast landscape was now scattered with intelligent beings of all kinds now. Erra was alive. Erra was evolving.

The Second Age

The Second Age brings forth the evolution of intelligence and capabilities of various species across the globe, as well as the formation of civilizations and clans. A great conflict arises between the Errans and the Primordials. It lasts approximately 1100 years.

The Evolution

The First Age has passed, the planet is teeming with life and intelligence. Beings of various kinds of species are beginning to form communes, living and coexisting with one another. They begin to learn about the world around them, explore new places, invent new equipment and methods of doing things. It’s evolution. The groups of beings begin to learn and grow beyond their foreseen capabilities by the Primordials. They begin to question where they came from, what other beings exist out there on their world, and who is keeping them from taking over land and resources… They become egoic. More and more, it becomes about them, their agenda, their growth and their survival. Conflict seems inevitable.

The Rise of Clans

With tensions high between many individuals and species, Errans begin to band together to form Clans. Clans consist of dozens of people. Each person has their own duty in the clan. The clan functions as a collective unit, each individual fulfilling their responsibilities for the greater good of the clan. It begins to build a sense of community and trust between individuals. However, it is not long before Clans become aggressive and even violent towards one another. It is not long before many clans are at each other’s throats...

The Great Conflict

The Primordials, being ever omniscient, are worried about the state of the world. They see the rise of conflict and greed amongst their own creations. A hearing is held by The Council of Three to discuss a plan-of-action to deal with the Errans.

It is suggested to destroy all of them, destroy the planet, and dismantle the Lower Realms entirely. The council does not agree on this, though. It is suggested to cause great environmental disasters and storms to drive them south, to force them out of their habits and out of their ways of violence and aggression by forcing them to work together. This is not agreed upon.

A final decision is made after a suggestion to present themselves to the Errans, offer them knowledge and new ways of being, and to make peace between one another once more. This is agreed to be the most viable solution. And so, the Primordials prepare the event of communication. They planned to broadcast their plan throughout the world to each being via the channeling of Tachyon energy once more. Through the Tachyon, they could convey and communicate these grandiose ideas and thoughts to all beings on the planet.

The day of the communication event came. The Primordials harnessed their collective energy to pull Tachyon from the higher realms into the lower realms, connecting all Errans for a brief moment. The message was delivered. But it was not that simple. In fact, it was far from simple. The Errans denied it, they disposed of the knowledge and information shared with them and instead continued to fuel their egos and their fears.

The Primordials were furious. The grounds shook, the trees cracked in the wind, the skies rained upon the lands for days until finally, the Primordial Council of Three presented themselves personally to the world. Transforming into enormous, towering beings seen across the land, they spoke to the Errans. Warning them if they did not make peace and condemn violence, the Primordials would be forced to act, or be forced to leave the lower realms. The Errans - confused, dismayed, and generally pissed off - revolted. Who were these beings? Why do they think they run things? Who are they to tell us what to do! The Primordials were face to face with their greatest challenge yet; the opposition of the Errans.

The Great Fracture

The Great Fracture is a world-changing event due to the Primordials departure from the Lower Realms as a result of The Great Conflict. This event marks the end of The Second Age and the beginning of The Third Age. The Fracture event lasts for 3 days.

The Primordial Departure

The inhabitants of Erra made a collective decision to revolt, to disconnect from their creators - The Primordial Ones. They felt they had too much control, that they deserved freedom without rulers. The Primordial Ones debated, they claimed they did not wish to control, just to oversee, to observe. The Errans didn’t believe it. For many days and many nights, the two groups debated, argued, fought. Neither groups were willing to compromise.

The Primordial Ones were done arguing, done fighting with their own creations. They decided to return to the Higher Realms, back to their omniscient state and determine how to proceed with Erran interaction from that point forward.

They returned to The Creation Point, the place they first incarnated into the Lower Realms, onto the surface of Erra. The Primordial Council of Three held their ceremony, calling upon their connections to the Higher Realms. Tachyon flowed through ripples in the fabric of reality - bright blue light seeping through, flowing into the Primordial Ones. Their bodies grew brighter and brighter, seen from the farthest reaches of the globe. And suddenly, in the blink of an eye - they were gone.

The Fracture

A great CRACK! boomed through the land, the ground split open, reservoirs of magma flooding to the surface! An enormous wave of energy covered the planet, shaking it to it’s core. Magnificent blue light could be seen all around the world, it burst from cracks in the surface, ripples in space, portals of light becoming more and more abundant on the planet!

Tachyon was flooding into the Lower Realms from the Higher Realms. One of the most powerful forces in creation, it seeped into the world of Erra. Infusing and imbuing itself in all forms of life across the planet. Trees and rocks came to life, beings came back to life, the reality as it was - shattered entirely. A vast amount of energy was now abundant across the world, reshaping the and morphing Erra as it flowed across the land. The Primordial Ones did not know that this would happen, it was not foreseen.

The Third Age (Present Day) The Third Age is the first age without the presence of the Primordial Council of Three in the Lower Realms. The Third Age brings forth a new authoritarian jurisdiction met with a massive rebellion. It is currently approximately 400 years into the Third Age.

The Power of Tachyon

The Tachyon seeping through rifts left from The Primordial Departure is extremely powerful. The beings of Erra are discovering this untapped resource and it’s potential power. Not only that, but the Tachyon is leaking into whatever cracks and crevices it can find, infusing itself with life of all shapes and forms. Because of this, hundreds of new creatures and monsters have appeared all over the world. Various new foes and predators now await you in the wilderness.

Many species had to band together in order to survive. The threats that you faced on a day-to-day basis are never-ending. They are fierce, powerful, and sometimes downright terrifying. Tachyon has given birth to creatures never seen before… And so, the citizens of Erra began to develop weaponry, armor, and techniques in combat never seen before, as well. Learning to harness the power of Tachyon, infusing it within themselves, their weapons, their armor, using it to create buildings and advance in ways previously unthought of. The staggering rate of evolution at this point was unprecedented.

The Rise of Factions

The discovery of Tachyon and the many ways it can be utilized lead to the development of more advanced civilizations. These civilizations learned to utilize Tachyon energy in many different ways, each developing and evolving in their own unique manners.

The Auctorian Capital

A grand kingdom that rises during The Third Age as a result of the absence of the Primordial Council. They claim the role of an authoritarian power, trying to control the regions around them. While strict and controlling, they are very, very intelligent. With hundreds of years of research and advancements in magicks, they have harnessed the power of Tachyon to do incredible things. They view The Wild Rebellion as heretics, outlaws, and outcasts. A central point of trade, politics, magicks, forging, and more, the Auctorians lead the race in utilizing Tachyon for anything and everything from architecture to weaponry. The kingdom has several groups and houses within it, each dedicated to their own purposes and duties.

The House of Service (Warriors)

The House of Service is an organization within the kingdom that has served the kingdom since it was founded. It is an alliance of highly trained elite warriors that have pledged to defend the capital and explore the land when called upon to do so. Their loyalty is unwavering, and they are highly respected throughout the kingdom. Tasked with the most brutal and most dangerous missions, they are the strongest and bravest of warriors.

The Grand Biblioteca (Mages)

The Grand Biblioteca is a gathering of the kingdom’s - and the world’s - wisest and most powerful magicians, sorcerers, and wizards of all kinds! They have studied the ways of Tachyon for hundreds of years in an attempt to perfect the harnessing and purification of it for magical purposes. They have collected and created thousands of books, spells, teachings of all kinds to learn the ways of Tachyon. They are seen as the wisest and most intelligent in all of the land. Only the Grand Sorcerer’s - the most skilled magicians - are permitted to imbue and infuse Tachyon in the most advanced ways with weaponry, armor, and creatures.

The Hallowhoods (Hunters)

The Hallowhoods are a group of elite hunters and assassins. Extremely swift, extremely deadly, they prove to be very powerful and very good allies in combat. They have keen eyesight and their senses are attuned to their environment at all times. Nothing sneaks by them, but they can sneak by anything! The Hallowhoods are one group of beings you do not want to mess with. Extremely witty, they are capable of crazy contraptions and powerful inventions to aid them in combat. The Wild Rebellion

A large group of Errans gathered in the wilderness forests to rebel against The Auctorian Capital. They disagree with the authoritarian power they hold, and seek to tear down the kingdom and force them to relinquish their political power. While brute, they are extremely powerful and resourceful, relying on their environment and instincts to survive and to supply them with the resources and equipment they need. They rely on scavenging for old equipment and forging their own from crudely made forgeries and workshops they’ve set up in the woods. The rebels, referred to as ‘Wildlings’, vary in skill and abilities. They have been forced to find places to train and live as they teach themselves their own methods of utilizing Tachyon energies.

Abandoned Fortress (Warriors)

The Abandoned Fortress is an ancient fortress the Auctorians once used and defended from the Wildlings until the Wild Rebellion took it over. It contains an old forgery, armoury, weapons safe, and more. It offers shelter and a fortified defense for the warriors who live inside. Brute barbarians who have taken on wereboars and werewolves with their bare hands - you probably want to steer clear of these beastly soldiers.

Tachyon Rift (Mages)

The Tachyon Rift is a portal in space where Tachyon is seeping into the world. With an abundant Shard Mine to collect shards of unrefined Tachyon from, the Wildlings have built a massive reserve of Tachyon weaponry including some unusual ones you would never find in the capital! These sorcerers, necromancers, and magicians have infused their very own spirits with Tachyon, utilizing the powerful energy it stores to cast curses and spells that some may deem wreckless. They are a force to be reckoned with. Scavenger’s Cavern (Hunters)

The Scavenger’s Cave is an ancient cavern formed within the planet during The Great Fracture. While there is no Tachyon portal here, it is still highly radioactive from the fracture event. The inhabitants of the cavern have gained hyper-awareness in all senses, making them the perfect predators and the stealthiest fighters. Their innovations and creations using whatever they can find are crude but dangerous, often laced with various poisons and paralyzers. These Hunters are to be feared, stay out of their traps!

The Auctorians vs. The Wildlings

The Auctorians and Wildlings have been fighting for hundreds of years. They came close to nearly killing each other off fighting for claim over vast amounts of Tachyon energy. The portals and rifts where Tachyon leaks into the world are now some of the most sought-after pieces of land and most valuable resources available. Each Faction is fighting to own as many of these portals as they can.

The Auctorians and Wildlings host battles between their mightiest warriors in arena’s either constructed by Errans, or constructed by Tachyon itself. These epic fights are excruciating and only the most ferocious warriors, stealthiest hunters, and most powerful mages are qualified for battle. The factions are at war, and now more than ever, they need new recruits. The world of Erra needs you!